Friday, 9 September 2016

On the POINTLESSNESS of certain things, with PARTICULAR reference to JINGOISTIC RADIO and its ILK

In, what is no doubt, an infinite and complete triumph of the narrow mind, we are disturbed to encounter reports on a radio station UNION JACK which plays only British music ('Absolute Radio founders launch DJ-less national station', Guardian, 9/9/2016, and 'New radio station Union Jack launches playing British music only',, 9/9/2016).

In an absolutely pointless move the station is described thus:

“Britain has been at the forefront of groundbreaking music for over six decades,” said Walker. “Union Jack will lead the way in celebrating this rich heritage, playing the greatest UK music and also discovering and supporting new British talent.”

It's a good job such national musical treasures such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones weren't at all, in any way, influenced by music from beyond these shores(1). Music is, as it has ever been, a magpie art form that draws on global influences and reinterprets them for contemporary audiences.

A further question. Who decides, and by what criteria, what the 'best of British music' is? Who decides what British is? Is my conception of Britishness and musical taste less worthy than that of the opinion formers of Absolute Radio?

Folly of the highest order.

(1) This is Irony. I am well aware of the influences drawn on by Lennon, McCartney, Jagger, Richards, et al, However, I feel I must point out this ironic statement for the Hard-Of-Irony, who are legion in society at large today.

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